Trip Number 6,  2010 Season
March 19 to 21, 2010
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Kip & I were at the Eagle Lodge Parking Lot by 9:00 am on Friday morning. Loaded on Chair 15 and then straight to Cloud 9 Express where we spent most of the morning. No, wait a minute, that was the trip from two weeks ago (these trips start to run together in my mind). This time it was so icy we did not spend any time on C9E.  It had not snowed at Mammoth since the 11th and with the warmer days and cold nights, and the fact that tomorrow is spring, Spring skiing had arrived, or so we thought.

Friday was quite pleasant, with temperatures heading to  the high 40's. In fact we were a little over dressed for the sunny blue skies and little wind. Skied all over the mountain and had a great day. Back to the condo to meet fellow Kronies, shower and head to the stores. First to the hardware store to buy a handrail bracket to fix the broken one in Condo 43. Then to the Outlet Stores to make use of the extra 30% off coupon. $8 socks for $1.60. Then to Von's to purchase the rest of the breakfast and dinner.

The next morning the Weather Channel - 'Local on the 8's' shows the temperature at Mammoth Lakes to be 55 at noon. Hotter than the day before. So we all dress light. We make the first chair at 15 and at 9 and then head to the Main Lodge to meet up with the other Kronies. The top looks groomed and so up I go while Kip skies with Harry, Mike, Maxine & Joe. The top is icy but okay. I meet Fran at the bottom of Chair 3 and off we go. This is Fran's first trip to Mammoth this season, so naturally we head to the Cornice. The day is warmer, but with a lite cloud overcast and a brisk wind it feels a chilly.

Kip, who two years ago prepared a four course meal served over a two hour period while we all watched the play offs for the Super Bowl was going to outdo herself. Salmon steaks, broccoli, scalloped potatoes (by Debbie) and salad (with all the left over veggies from the appetizer). Debbie made a chocolate cherry cake with ice cream.  You cannot beat the homemade meals. Thanks to both Kip and Debbie for running the trip.
Front - Kip, Gloria, & Kijae. Back - Christel, Debbie, Joe, Fran, Harry,
Barbara, Maxine, Julie, Art & Luis.  All very happy skiers relaxing after a great meal.
Barbara, Gloria, Julie, Fran & Christel relaxing after dinner in Condo 43.
On Sunday Maxine, Mike & Harry (along with Stan) left for June Mountain and then onto Lake Tahoe for some more skiing. Julie, Barbara, & Christel were joining up with the Balboa Ski Club for a few more days of skiing at Mammoth. Those of us that still work for a living were heading home after the Sunday ski day.

Kip & I started out at Chair 15, but at the top, the Chair 9 Closed sign was out. Too much wind they said. Not a good sign. We ski down to Canyon Lodge and board Chair 16. This chair dropped us right into wind gusts so strong you could hardly get off the chair. We try 4. Not much better. Of to Chair 2. What made you think that would be any better. On Chair Two I meet a student from Cal Poly, SLO (my college alma mater).  Katy was a great snowboarder and agreed that the only place out of the wind was the gondola. We ski down to the bottom of the Mountain and met Fran at the Gondola Station.  We make about 5 runs top to bottom before lunch. The wind at the top is so intense, you have to tuck just to get down to the start of the Cornice. It is blowing down the hill so at least it does not hit you in the face when you start down. A little icy, but doable. Once again we had dressed light. I only had sunglasses, so we were a little chilled. The Gondola ride really helps keep you warm. Back to McCoy Station for lunch with friends. Someone with really good eyes spots Christel's little picture in the Mammoth Mountain photo mural. See if you can spot her on your next visit.
Christel finds her picture on the Mammoth Mountain Photo Mural. Good luck finding it again.
After lunch Julie joins us and we try to go to Chair 14.  It is closed due to high wind.  As is 3, 9, 23, & 5.  After a couple of runs on 12 we head back to the Main Lodge.  Kip and I decide to try Canyon Lodge, everyone else packs it in.  We take one last ride up Chair 22 on Lincoln Mountain.  Not bad until the very top.  Then you really know it is still blowing 50 MPH+. 'Back for More' is one sheet of ice. Like a skating rink with a tilt. We head to the car and home

As we left, all in all it was a good year of skiing.  We are already making plans for next season's trips, when we expect for the first time to have a five day mid week trip to Mammoth.  Season Passes will be on sale shortly.  $639.  Make sure you get yours before the deadline.

All our best to Julie, who had a mishap with Chair 14 on Tuesday and got the triple thrill of a sled ride, ambulance ride and air plane ride to Reno, all in the same day.  Julie had on her shiny white helmet (as does Christel now) or this might not have a happy ending.  She flew home from Reno on Thursday, with just  bump.


And a way to go Gloria, for a girl's best friend - black diamond run- off of Chair 5.  Fran said, "Trust Me?"

Yours in deep powder, Bruce
Kip, bundled against the wind.
Until next season.  All the best, Bruce.