Trip Number 5,  2010 Season
March 5 to 7, 2010
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Kip & I were at the Eagle Lodge Parking Lot by 9:00 am on Friday morning. Loaded on Chair 15 and
then straight to Cloud 9 Express where we spent most of the morning. No wind and great snow made for a
fun day of skiing. After lunch I made some equally nice runs off the top. Kip made her first trip up Chair 23
and then we went down the back side to Chair 14. The entire mountain had good snow and few people.

Met up with the other Kronies at the condo and then headed to The Stove for prime rib. The place had
been criticized of losing some quality, but we found it quite nice. We were short of people this trip so
everyone had plenty of space.

Saturday skiing was more of the same, no wind overcast skies and a dusting of snow. In the small world
department, I bump into my nephew Daniel and his entourage of 10 skiers and boarders. I make a couple
of runs with them after lunch. Back to the car at Eagle at  the end of the day to meet up with Kip.

Barbara B our Trip Chairman organized a very nice dinner from Hot Chix, preceded by some good
munchies. Thanks to Barbara for running the trip, even though she was a little under the weather.

Sunday skiing was still on great snow and with few people.  Weekend skiing seems to be less crowded
these days. We head back to the condo at 3:15 pm to change for the drive home. Uneventful  but fun trip.
If anyone else on the trip who stayed the extra days has something to add, just send me an email.           

This is an optical illusion, Mount Whitney is really higher than Mammoth Mountain!  The Whitney photo was
taken from our breakfast stop at the High Sierra Cafe in Lone Pine at about 6:45 am. The Mammoth photo
was taken  a couple of hours later from the highway at the Mammoth Airport.
Looking into Sherwin Bowl from the
ridge of Five. Do you remember when
they wanted to put a ski resort up
Looking north from Chair 14.
My nephew Daniel (red board) and friends from Orange
County. The little dot in the upper left corner is Tam, the last
of the group, and the one least thrilled with the snow on
Dave's Run.
Mammoth Mountain had enough snow to making skiing the chute
under Chair 14 almost easy.