Trip Number 4,  2010 Season
February 19 to 21, 2010
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Kip & I were at the Chair Two parking lot by 9:30 am on Friday morning. The MINI with it's brand new
custom made ski rack seemed to be very happy to get to go skiing with us. Mammoth had not had new
snow since February 10th so as expected the snow was hard and icy. Not very crowded so we explored
most of the lower mountain. Back at the condo the rest of the Kronies were starting to arrive. We did a
little Outlet store shopping and then brought home dinner to watch the Olympics.

That night the wind started to blow. HARD! The next morning there was a trace of snow on the ground
and more blowing in the air. Took the bus to the mountain and started to look for a run that you could see
and wasn't windy. There were none. I tried one run on Facelift Express-Chair 3 and was in instant
whiteout vertigo. Since this was my one year anniversary of my snowboard crash in such conditions, I did
not go up again. It was extra cold due to the wind, so a early lunch break was in order to warm up. Out
again into the blizzard and then another break at 2:00 pm for hot chocolate.

Once more into the storm and how much longer should I stay out? Then a friendly Kronie in a lime green
coat is spotted at Stump Alley Express-Chair 2. Aili is also wondering how much longer to weather this
storm. But now with company, someone to commiserate with and to help stay warm on the chairlifts, we
ride the last chair up at 4:03 pm. On each lift ride it was beyond miserable, but each ski run down was fun.
All in all, a good day of skiing.
The ski MINI with the new ski/snowboard rack outside of Condo 1 at Mammoth enjoying the light
snowfall.  We spotted an almost identical Clubman also driving back from Mammoth on Sunday with
a license plate "NINJA (?)"
Saturday night was as usual, all about the great KSC food.  This trip our favorite twin sisters, Nancy &
Susan, were in charge and did a great job running the trip and organizing the meal.  Appetizers, tri-tip beef,
with veggies and potatoes, salad and cake. No wonder these trip are so full- filling!  After dinner it was
time to cheer on the Olympic skiers. This trip only happens once every four years and we all enjoyed it.
Kijae, Julie, Stan, Gloria, Dan, Luis & Kip, enjoying the wine and
The condo One Snowman (?)
mascot for the trip.
Aili and Art were not banished to the
small table, but chose the most
comfortable seat.
Barbara, Nancy, Jim, Jean & Susan, also with candles & wine.
More wind and snow on Saturday night and then a full on blizzard by 11:00 am. Those that stayed over for
Monday had the best day of the year.  See Jean's story below.  Bruce.

To those of you who left on Sunday during the WINDY BLIZZARD, all I can say is "You should have stayed
until Monday!"  The seven who stayed awoke to about 6 inches of snow and sunny skies at the condos.  The
mountain had 16 inches of snow, full sun, NO wind, all lifts running, very few groomed runs, and very few people
on the Mt.  It was a fantastic day!  That night Nancy, Susan, Barbara B., Julie, Jim and I went to Whiskey Creek
to dine during their half price early bird dinner specials.  What a terrific menu with lots of choices of salads, tacos,
wraps, etc., all priced from $3.00 to $8.00.  

On Tuesday it was again sunny and beautiful at the condos.  Nancy, Susan, and Barbara B. went home early.  
There was a bit of wind, sunny skies, and many more groomed runs on the mountain.  Julie, Kijae, Jim and I had a
great time and covered a good bit of the mountain from chairs one over to eight and then back to twelve all before
noon.  At chair eight we just happened to meet up with Rudy and Kathy Braun, long time members since the
1960's who were up for the week, and we skied a couple of runs together.  Yes, Rudy still "Yodels" as he skies!
We had a most memorable weekend and a big thanks to Nancy for running a wonderful trip!

Jean Evans
Anyone know what this is a picture of at Mammoth? And have you skied though it? Free pole
pendant for the first correct answer.  Also, where is Tarantula Bowl?