Trip Number 3,  2010 Season
January 29 to 31, 2010
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Kip, Megan & I were on the road early and at the Chair Two parking lot by 9:30 am on
Friday morning. The lot was already full with skiers who knew the snow was going to be
great. The day was windy, cold and clear. We tried every run off the top and they were
all fun. I had dinner with Stan & Dan at Shogun Friday night, while most other early
arriver's ate at the condo.

That night it snowed 4" and made the skiing even better. We were on an early gondola,
but the top never opened that day due to low clouds, making the visibility less than
needed to see your feet. We found a powder run down 'Slot'.  Chair 9 was not open so
there were few skiers in the area and we got a couple of untracked powder runs in and
came back up Chair 25. Another cold day but great skiing.
Upper Dry Creek from Chair 5.
Looking at Chair 12 from the top of 13 with the
Paranoids and Scotty's in the background.
Saturday night, Debbie and Kip prepared a feast of appetizers and then added an Italian
dinner from Giovanni's, with Debbie's salad and a homemade cake with ice cream.  Plenty
of good food. Thanks to Debbie & Kip for putting together some great food and running the

On Sunday I skied runs in Mammoth I had only seen before.  Megan on her snowboard and
I on my skis, traversed along the high line of Cloud 9 Express to the far end of Tarantula
Bowl  and Wazoo to the Dragon's Tail and then down through the powder in the trees to the
base of 9. So good we did it twice more.  This plus a few other adventures and we all met
up to leave the mountain at 2:30 pm.  We ate in the car and were home by 9:00.

Most of the group stayed for a couple more days. Several other Kronies were also at
Mammoth that weekend. Send  me your stories and I'll add it in.
Wazoo from Cloud 9 Express
Megan checking the GPS to make sure we were
still in Mammoth.
The traverse line of
Tarantula Bowl from
Cloud 9 Express
Top of Chair 9 where you begin the
traverse.  Plenty of obstacles.
All the best, Bruce.