Trip Number 2,  2010 Season
January 8 to 12, 2010
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Although Fran could not be with us on this trip, her record of picking great skiing weekends is still intact.  What started out as not too good on Friday just kept getting better.
Kip and I arrived at the Chair Two parking lot at 9:10 am after a pleasant early morning drive up Highway 395. I went off to ski and she went to pick up her MVP pass. I found the snow a little hard, which was to be expected since it had not snowed at Mammoth for 10 days. Since no new snow was predicted, there were few skiers here and so the lines were non-existent.  After meeting up for lunch at McCoy Station, we skied the afternoon together and quit around 4 pm.   Note, that when making a salad, they consider bacon bits a meat, for which they charge $2.50 extra for.

As we drove down the mountain we noticed they were filming a television commercial  near Chair 4. A whole lot of people and equipment for one little duck.  We met up with Jean and Jim at the condo and just as we were about to leave for dinner, it starts raining. Hard.  We drive through the rain to Giovanni's Restaurant for an Italian dinner.  We are discussing how bad this would make the snow, because we had heard that it was raining at 10,000 ft in Lake Tahoe. After about and hour it, stopped raining.  We headed back to the condo for much needed sleep.

The next morning we awoke to find our cars and all the roads frozen over.  I wisely decided to take the shuttle to the mountain, and was pleasantly surprised to find it had snowed about an inch of new power.  Not deep powder, but powder all the same.  Took the first gondola to the
top and made the first ski tracks down Cornice Bowl. I met up with a gondola full of Balboa Ski Club members and joined them for some fun group skiing. Maybe some of them will join us on one of our trips. Multiple runs later, I headed into lunch to meet up with the rest of the Kronies. The little bit of snow from Friday night had taken the bite out of the ice and we all had good skiing.

After lunch on Saturday I headed down to the Super Duper Pipe to watch the finals of the 3rd round of Olympic team trials for Half Pipe. As to be expected, Shaun White was leading into the final round of 16 and on his run scored enough points to qualify him for the team, without even having to compete in the 4th round at another resort.  I think he also finished in the top three for the Slope Style event, which is basically a speed  run through the terrain park, with 8 separate jumps and rails to negotiate.
TMZ spotted this famous fowl practicing his half pipe flips at Mammoth Mountain this weekend in preparation for his competitive snowboarding debut at the Winter Olympics next month. Check out the custom webfoot bindings and duck logo on his snowboard.
Members and friends of the Balboa Ski Club on the top of Mammoth Mountain. These guys ski pretty well.  Must be all that race training                     
Trying to get in as much skiing in three days as possible, I made the last chair up Face Lift at 4:05 pm and skied to the gondola at Canyon Lodge to catch the Red Line Shuttle back to the condo.
All 16 Kronies on the trip gathered at Condo 1 for a delicious dinner catered by the Hot Chix.  We started off with some football on TV and some great finger food prepared by Christel our
Trip Leader and hostess extraordinaire . Chicken, veggies, potatoes, salad, followed by  a special cake prepared by Christel.  She used less rum this time, to make it easier to walk back to the other condo on the slippery ice. A nice evening of chat ended around 8:30 pm as half the group headed back to their condo.  Thanks Christel, for a great trip. You don't have to wash the dishes, if you also made the dinner.
My favorite chairlift, Face Lift, and the Panorama Gondola.
Saturday night diner with, Stan, Harry, Jean Jim
Barbara, Dan and Julie (standing) and Kip, Kazuko, John, Christel, Luis, Art and Gloria (sitting).
Sunday morning we awoke to find a dusting of snow on the cars and parking lot. 8:05 shuttle to the Gondola Building, first car to the top and then a solo untracked Cornice Bowl run in about 3" of new powder.  This was the best day yet. With the light crowds you  could get several runs in before the entire top of the mountain was covered with tracks. The snow was a little thin so it was best to stay on the runs and not venture out into the trees where the rocks are just hiding under the fresh snow. Two crazy guys on snowboards hiked back down along the Chair 14 lift line and then down the chute. About half way down the rocks were not even covered and they were boarding over them. Must have been rental boards.

Back to McCoy's for chicken tortilla soup, and meet up with the rest of the group. Most of the group were staying for two more days, but some of us who are not yet retired had to leave. I checked out the Slope Style snowboarding event and then headed off to Chair 14, to meet some Kronies to ski with. Couple of runs over there and then time to head home.
How come everyone's skis are shorter than mine?
The Minarets were looking especially beautiful.
Note from Jean E:  Monday was great...sunny and very little wind so skiing was fun, but Tuesday it started to snow lightly at 7 am and was windy.  Jim and I went up to the mountain but at 8:30 am visibility was awful and snow was building up on the roads so we left at 10 am.  Harry, Mike, and Barbara went up an hour earlier and may or may not have skied.  Barbara was worried about the roads and did not want to chain  All others left by 9 am and
headed home.  They predicted 1 to 2 feet by tomorrow afternoon!    (They got 15 inches.B)

From Barbara Mc: Harry, Mike, and I skied in the snow on Tuesday, but I think the weather scared all the other Kronies away. It really was good snow and the wind hadn't arrived yet during the morning. Mike and Harry were very glad I talked them into a few hours of skiing that morning!