Trip Number 1, 2010 Season
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
  The first KSC ski trip of the season was a great success, with some amazing snow.
It snowed all day on Saturday and until about 2:00 pm on Sunday, but visibility was okay
and not too much wind. A perfect day for those in the club who like to snowboard or those with fat skis. On Monday the clouds all went away and it was blue skies and no wind.

  The trip was a little light on Kronies with only six at the condo.  But while we enjoyed he extra space we missed those who had to cancel at the last minute.  When Christel and I arrived at 9:15 pm only Jean was still up to greet us, and we had the wine.

  Saturday was 'Early-Up' day for Mammoth Value Pass holders who got to start skiing at 7:30 am, when it was a little less of a blizzard and a little warmer. At 10:00 am it dropped 10 degrees and the flakes became huge and closer together.  From 8 to 10 am Mammoth also provided a free continental breakfast at McCoy Station for the MVP folks, along with a ceremony to unveil the new photo montage mural of Mammoth Mountain. If you look real close you might see your pass photo, one of 25,000 1/2 inch square photos that make up the picture.
Can you see yourself in the photo? The 10' h x 14' w mural is in the Lobby by the entry to the gondola at McCoy Station.
Those that have passes from previous years have the Charter Member design on their pass.  The new pass scanners will find your pass even if it is under your jacket and it then shows the lift operator your photo and name. Technology! Don't even think about loaning your pass to someone.

  Saturday evening our Trip Chairperson Jeanie (and we still need a TC for the March 5th trip) organized a great Italian dinner from a local restaurant. With plenty of left overs for the next night. On Sunday Barbara & Harry left to start a week of race camp at Mammoth. So only four of us had dinner together on Sunday.
As I have always said, the antlers make the woman. Enjoying Barbara's fire making.
The top of Mammoth on Monday. They cut a cat track on the two sides and left a big pile of snow in the middle. The log sign post is buried.
Monday was a great day to ski. I left early while Jim M waited to escort the two ladies to the mountain. We all met up for lunch at McCoy's. Two final ski runs down Cornice Bowl and then back to the Condo to pack for home.  By then the snow on the roads had melted enough to not need chains. So we never had to put them on. The drive home was uneventful with road improvements still ongoing.                                       BAB 091216