Travel Photos of KSC Members
Volume 9
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
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Rural China

This was my first trip to China and I visited the normal sights – The Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, etc. Then I quickly got out of Beijing and explored the nature of China. Near Chengdu I visited several
Giant Panda breeding centers and was able to get very good views of Pandas. While I was at the Bifengxia Panda Base I made a donation and they allowed me time in the play area with two one-year old pandas. (That was where these pictures were taken.) We spent some time in Tangjiahe where land has been set aside for the protection of Giant Pandas, Red Pandas, and other animals. We saw lots of Takin and Macaques and a variety of birds, but the Giant Pandas are shy and we didn’t get to see them in their natural habitat even though we were allowed to hike in an area restricted only for park rangers. We also visited Juizhaigou Natural Reserve which is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with turquoise lakes and many spectacular waterfalls. This trip was the second leg of my “bear trifecta” with Natural Habitat Adventures. I sat in the meadows for several days with the Grizzlies in Katmai National Park in Alaska previously, and in November I will spend a week in a tundra lodge where the Polar Bears wait for the Arctic Ocean to freeze so they can get to their hunting grounds.
Barbara Mc. September , 2014
Bruce and Judy celebrate their 32 wedding anniversary April 2, 2015 in France. Selfies overlooking the harbor at Monaco and the beach front at Nice. Then up the Rhone River to Lyon and Paris. Wonderful trip.
WATERFIRE, Providence, RI. A periodic event on the Providence River in the heart of the city. Flaming wood caldrones, canoes with light fish, and thousands of spectators. August, 2015
The dome above the parliament hall of the Reichstag building, in Berlin,Germany. A double helix ramp inside the dome allows visitors to walk to the top. A vertical mirror reflects light into the hall below.
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. October, 2015.
Holocaust Memorial, Berlin. These concrete boxes fill an entire city block, varying in height makes for a very disconcerting maze. There is also a museum below a portion of the site.
Location of Checkpoint Charlie, between East and West Germany. Now a tourist photo op.
In September, 2015 Bruce and Judy travel from Prague to Berlin, not cruising on the Elbe River in Germany. Without any dams, the water was too low to sail this summer. So we stayed on one ship in Dresden for 3 days and then 4 days on another ship in Wittenburg, home of Martin Luther.