Travel Photos of KSC Members
Volume 7
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
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Bruce & Judy's 15 day trip sailing the Danube River  from Vidin, Bulgaria to Passau, Germany in Sept, 2012. Our ship the Amadeus Brillant docked at Bratslavia, Slovakia. Note the modern cable stay bridge in the background.
Free and reloacatable red chairs in a park in Vienna, Austria. My favorite city of the trip.
Breast cancer awareness at the Parliament building in Vienna.
This is my favorite frozen yogurt shop in Vienna. Say hello to my new friend Miguel Angel the owner.  And check out my picture on his facebook page.!/pages/Cool-Hot-Vienna/264036667028086
The Danube as seen from the old roman fort, high on the hill above Durnstein, Austria.  Richard the Lion Heart was held captive in this City after a crusade gone bad.

Note the cathedral tower in the hole in the wall.  Area famous for white wine.
Here is a trip photo of two Kronies in Russia just before we walked into Red Square. St. Basil's Cathedral is in the background. We did a river cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow and saw the sights of Russia. Who would have thought we would ever be sightseeing in Russia when we were growing up during the Cold War???
Rebecca C. & Barbara Mc.
June, 2013
Bruce and Judy visit Stonehenge during tour of Great Britain  Oct. 2013