Travel Photos of KSC Members
Volume 6
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
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I just visited Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda in August. Every day was just like watching the Discovery Channel, but for real.  My favorite part was my interaction with a family of 12 gorillas in Rwanda.  The encounter was very close.  My most intimate moment was with a giraffe in Kenya - a kiss and a caress, from Laura.
Barbara Mc K.                   2011
Future silverback gorilla in Rwanda.
Judy feeding Betty Jean on the same balcony of the Giraffe Research Center outside of Nairobi in 1987.
The lion picture was from the 'Lion Encounter' in Zimbawe.  The cubs are 13 months old and I walked with
them for about 1 hour.  I was allowed to touch them only on their  back.  I remember saying to myself, "This is not the zoo.  They are wild."  The other picture is of Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbawe. The widest fall in the world.   The viewing for the falls runs along one side for about 1 mile, with many lookouts for different views.  This picture was taken from the air during a short 13 minute flight,  but it was worth every dollar.  Fran P.  July, 2011
Yosemite Falls and Half Dome, April 2, 2011. No fracil ice.
A June, 2012 trip to Iceland with Fran, Nancy, Christel, Susan, Barbara and MaryAnn, glacier walking and hiding in the Lupen.