Travel Photos of KSC Members
Volume 4
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
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Harry and Maxine on their March, 2011 skiing safari to Utah, Montana and beyond.
Darth (call me Harry) Vader at Park City.
Kronie members and support personnel awaiting dinner and discussing next year’s plans
(Left to right, Maxine, Marion, Stan, Keith, Patty, and Harry)


BIG SKY, Montana (AP) – Three members of the Pasadena based Kronenstadt Ski Club (aka “Kronies”) and their three-member support group braved freezing temperatures, blowing wind and snow, and marauding snowboarders in Big Sky last week on their continuing quest to ski and conquer every ski resort in the continental United States.

The three Kronies (Harry, Maxine, and Stan) and their support personnel who provide spiritual, humor, technical, and logistical support arrived in Big Sky last Sunday and immediately made plans to begin skiing Big Sky early the next day.  

When Harry was asked what fueled the group’s intense desire to ski every ski resort in American, he simply said. “Well, someone has to do it.”  Maxine, who was standing at Harry’s side also added, “And we’re also going ski Moonlight Basin while we’re here too.”  Stan was unavailable for comment.  

The Kronies and their support personnel skied Big Sky five days and Moonlight Basin (which borders Big Sky) one day.  Everyone in the group indicated they had a wonderful time and they looked forward to next year’s trip to an as yet undecided ski resort.      by Stan K.
Outside of Park City, in Midway, we visited the "Ice Castles".  A guy starts creating them during Christmas and just keeps expanding them.  They were amazing.
Strange, but cute house in Beaver, Utah.
Maxine at Condo at the Canyons, Park City, Utah.
Maxine at Big Sky, Montana
Maxine and a Snowghost.