Travel Photos of KSC Members
Volume 3
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
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Hi !    Alfredo, Louis and myself - Utah 09 - Powder
Mountain, Snow Basin, Canyons and Alta - Fresh
Powder and tree skiing all week!

Art Murga

Looks like GREAT snow.  BAB
Harry & Maxine are the first Kronies on the mountain
for the 2011 season. Photo sent this morning from the
Mammoth powder. Considering the face masks it
must be very cold.    101206
Never one to say no to a new experience, Fran perfects her skydiving technique at the Indoor Skydiving
wind tunnel in Denver, Colorado.   They increase the wind speed based on experience and body weight.  So
the instructor can stay vertical in one place, while Fran floats on the wind.  With the wind really cranked up
you could go 40 feet above the deck. Fran thought that 10 feet was plenty.  She also decided that jumping
out of a plane no longer needed to be on her Bucket List.  Her grandson Jack and 6 other kids and 6 other
parents (watching through the glass) also tried it while at a birthday party for Jack's friend.    101013
Kijae and Joon R.   October 18, 1992 at the top of Mount
Whitney. You can see the cabin in another photo on Travel
Photos 2.