Travel Photos of KSC Members
Volume 11
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
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In Sept. 2018, Bruce, Judy, Gloria
and Penny were all on a guided
trip around the Adriatic Countries.
There were 8 other new friends on
the trip, plus my brother Brian and
Joann. Here we are below the
historic Bridge over the Neretva
River in Mostar,
Bosnia-Herzegovina. The bridge
was destroyed by a Fanatic
Croatian General on the 9th of
November, 1993, solely to hurt the
feelings of the Bosnian Muslims.
The bridge was built in 1566 by
the Ottoman Turks. And it took
multiple direct hit cannon shots
over two days to bring it down. It
was rebuilt using the original
stone techniques in 2004.
We spent one night on a farm in
Karanac, Croatia. The next morning
we all helped fix breakfast and
then had a clay sculpture contest.
My brother Brian won 1st place
and I got second.
In August of 2018, Christel, Julie and I, followed the Route of the Maya through El Salvador, Guatemala,
Honduras and Belize on an OAT tour. The Mayan civilization died out around 800 AD because of drought
and over planting of the land to try to feed too many people. The Mayan people dispersed to wherever and
continued their culture even today. The jungle over grew every Mayan structure, so the ruins we climbed,
were at the most 20% of what once existed. I loved this area of the world and its people. Fran
Fran & Christel making new friends with children
and Moms in a park in Sachitoto, El Salvado
Julie, Fran, Christel & Al in Sololá
And yes we climbed to the
top of this Ruinas
Julie & Christel with the local
Mayan midwife in San Juan
La Laguna.
Al, Christel, Julie & Fran at Copán
Ruinas in El Salvador.
Bruce and Judy with a OAT
travel group to Northern Italy.
At the summit of Val Sugana in
the Dolomite Alps. 9-19 Would
have been even better with
snow and my skis.