Social Photos of KSC Members
Volume 6
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
The 2015 KSC Winter Party
This year's Winter Holiday Party celebrating the season, good friends and 51 years of the KSC, was held at the home of Bruce & Judy on December 19th.
18 Kronies attended and made merry.  Christel and Judy prepared the entire meal and organized the event!
The 2016 KSC Summer Party
Christel, our Social VP opened up her home and kitchen for this year's Summer Party. 15 Kronies enjoyed a homemade feast and the pleasure of catching up on the lives of friends. We also played a game suggested by Nancy May, to tell a story that most people do not know about you. The game started off slowly, but quickly picked up steam.

Fran: She is not the demure, prim and proper woman that she presents herself as in public.
Christel: Same as what Fran said.
Mary Jo: A licensed pilot as well as a great skier.
Nancy May: Had to make all her own clothes as a child.
Mary Ann: A Tom Boy all her life.
Chris; A painter in his youth who practiced on the bottom of tables in French restaurants.
Rich: While in the Marines was asked if he wanted to fly the plane he was riding in. Then they left him alone in the
cockpit as the plane was trimmed into a slow decent. Help!

Maureen: Also a Tom Boy who had encounters with skunks and scorpions.

Julie: Born in China to Korean parents and became a naturalized US citizen, was invited to North Korea to sing
before 2000 attendees along with the President of the country. And always wears a diamond tennis bracelet in case she has to bribe her way out of trouble.

Kathy: For five years she thought her cat had run away from home, but it was under the hood of Rudy's car as he drove to Mammoth. He left the cat in Lone Pines with some other cats. Boy was he in trouble 5 years later.

Bruce: Was also the President of the Cal Poly, SLO Ski Club and founding Member and President of the Walt Disney Ski Club.

Judy: A single ski water skier behind the family boat and raced her father's sand dragster in a Powder Puff competition.

Rudy: was in the Marines with Rich and taught him to ski. They joined KSC in 1964. Gene Weal was his neighbor and a KSC Board Member. Gene was Membership Chairman when Bruce joined in 1974.
NEXT BIG EVENT: The 626 Golden Bike Ride, June 26th at 10:00 am. Meet up at Bruce's house at 9:00 am and then take the Gold Line Metro to Azusa.  Or meet us there. We leave Azusa at 10:00 am.  And then we bicycle on an 18 mile street ride with no cars allowed to the South Pasadena Metro Station.. Then ride to Bruce's or take the train back to where you left your car. We will stop for lunch along the way. If you start at another station call my cell phone so we know where to meet you.
By unanimous decision of the members present, the 2017 KSC Board was elected:    Bruce - President;       Fran - Secretary/Membership;    Karen - Treasurer;    Mary Jo - Trips VP;    Christel - Social VP.
626 Golden