Social Photos of KSC Members
Volume 4
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
The Summer and Winter parties always brings out the retired members who may no longer ski with us, but still love to party. Kronenstadt Ski Club was founded in 1963, and some of the original members still keep in touch. Always a great time to get together and tell stories of trips past.
The 2013 KSC Winter Party
This year's Winter Holiday Party was held at the home of Bruce and Judy. 20 Kronies attended and made merry. Fran prepared the entire meal. Everyone had a good time. Sorry to have missed Lee and Marji this year due to bad weather on the Grapevine.
Kathy, Nancy May, John, Linda, Maureen & Rich

Susan, Becky & Michael
Becky, Stuart, Roger & Carol
Bruce decorated the house all by himself. Judy was in RI >having fun with Ella and family.
2014 KSC Summer Party  was held once again at the home of  Linda & John. The weather was perfect for an outdoor supper and catching up with the activities of those members that no longer ski. The KSC board was re-elected by unanimous vote. Club plans to have 9 trips again next season for the same rate.
Annual group photo; Barbara, Julie, Fran, Marji & Christel; Rebecca, Mary Jo, Kip & Bob; Bruce, Kathy, Marji, & Julie: Carol, Roger, Lee & Nancy; Gloria, Michael & Harry; Jean, Mike, Elaine and the newest Kronie Grand baby, Mathew.
Thanks again very much to John & Linda for hosting a lovely summer party and to Christel for organizing the event.  See you this Winter on slopes. Bruce