Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
Non Ski Events
A wine tasting outing in Monrovia.
Our own backyard wine tasting party.
The 2009 Annual Kronenstadt Ski Club - Christmas Party was held on Saturday
December 5th, 2009 at 6:00 pm at Bruce & Judy's.  The party was small but lots of
fun. 20 Kronies enjoyed a sit down dinner of stuffed chicken, garlic mashed potatoes,
and grilled zucchini and a cake for desert with way too much rum on it.  Fran showed
us her photo albums of the Vietnam trip. Mine are still in the computer.  11 women
hung around the dining room table until late into the evening solving the world's
problems. Sorry we missed some of our old friends who forgot we always have a
party on the first Saturday in December.
Put December 4th, 2010 on your
calender now so you don't miss it again!
Summer Social
Dinner at one of our Mammoth condos.
The KSC 2010 Summer Party and Annual Meeting was a grand
success with 32 Kronies gathering at the home of Linda & John
P. Catered dinner, lots of wine, a wonderful backyard complete
with a replica of Mammoth Lakes and Dry Creek.  Click on link
below to see photos. The Executive Committee did such a good
job last year, they were unanimously elected again for the 2011
Photos of the June 12, 2010 Summer Party
The 2010 Annual Kronenstadt Ski Club - Christmas Party was held on Saturday December
4th, 2009 at Bruce & Judy's.   30 Kronies enjoyed a sit down dinner of chicken, mashed
baked  potatoes, and veggies. As usual the party had more retired skiers than active skiers,
so it was nice to catch up on the activities of long time friends.   Thanks to Judy for putting
on such a festive and beautifully decorated affair. Whoever was in charge of photos dropped
the ball. So you just have to remember what we all look like

We had to cancel the first ski trip of the season due to a lack of sign-ups, just when
Mammoth has the best early season snow in ten years. The January trip is now full and we
should have  wonderful snow.  I received the first Kronie photo from Mammoth of the
season. See Travel Photos # 3.   101206
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