Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
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Travel Photos #1 of KSC Members
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Travel Photos #2 of KSC Members
Travel Photos #3 of KSC Members
Travel Photos # 4 of KSC Members
Woolly & Friend
A few club members at McCoy Station
Bottom of Chair 4
At the top of chair 5.
The big guy is our former Treasurer Chris.
Holiday Party 2007
Our President Bruce, Snowboarding at Bodie?
Woolly with some of the ladies,
Julie, Fran (our Membership VP), Christel (our
Social VP), Debbie, Jean.
This skiing will wear you out!
Mt. Whitney on a clear day. Club members
Barbara Mc & Harry H have climbed to the
summit. Who else in the club has made it to
the top?
Bob N - 2004     See Travel Photos 2.
Graham D - 1977
Kijae & Joon R. 1982   See Travel Photos 3.
John S., 3 times
Mary Jo and sister Rita, twice.
Lunar eclipse.