History of Kronenstadt
Volume 1
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
Send your photo submissions  (640 x 420 pixels) to
Bruce@kronenstadtskiclub.com. Include names, dates & location.
Current and former Presidents of KSC. Bob D., Bruce
B., Linda P., John P., Roger L., (seated) Dick P. and
Lee M.
Linda P. Memorable KSC Moments:

I only need 2 inches”  (LP wanting to sit down on the cafeteria bench)
That ain’t no jet, lady “ (Young Sam in the Sun Valley jacuzzi with Leigh on his lap”)
Helene Star walking on the ceiling of the bus
Who flushed his ski glove down the toilet at Crested Butte??
Best and Worst Bruise goes to Sandy Watkins on a Whistler Mountain ski week. Bruce came in second.
George E. lost his glasses down the bus toilet and who was going get them out?
Christmas, 2008
1963-64        Norm Marshall             1976-77        Gene Weal                  1988-89        Roger Law
1964-65        Glenn Chrismann          1977-78        Bill Denzel                   1989-90        Andy Morehead
1965-67        Walt Teilmann              1978-79        Rai Brendel                 1990-91        Sandy Watkins
1967-68        Bill Gardner                  1979-80        Lee Mathers               1991-92        Maureen Bivens
1968-69        Dick Patton                  1980-81        George Eisenbrand      1992-93        Paul Burrows
1969-70        Lee Mathers                1981-82        Terry Potter                 1993-94        Allan Dirkin
1970-71        Hal Compton               1982-83        Mike Blazenski            1994-95        Debbie Beveridge
1971-72        Ron Rogahn                 1983-84        John Mills                    1995-97        Barbara Boldig
1972-73        Ted Bunch                   1984-85        Mary Lou Kowell         1997-02       John & Linda Poore     
1973-74        Fess Wesfall                1985-86        Helene Telford             2002-04        Bob Doyle
1974-75        Dan Squibb                 1986-87        Paul Burrows               2004- ?          Bruce A. Bailey
1975-76        Roger Ralston              1987-88        Rick Covington    

Any corrections?   Does anyone know what the former Presidents are up to these days?   Does anyone
have email addresses for the Presidents that are not on our mailing list?    Saw Bill Denzel at Mammoth
during the April, 2011 trip so we know he is still skiing.           
List of Former KSC Presidents
Anyone know the year this was taken? Condo 1 at Mammoth.
Rudy, Barbara, Christel, John, Stan, Rai, Bear, Arnie
Fran, Judy, Marty, Linda and Jean

We still look great!
Jean E., Christel C. & Marty W.
Canyon Lodge 199?  Who and when???
Stan, Rich, ?, Dan, Barbara, ?, Fran, Christel, ?. ???
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