Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
About Us and other Stuff
The Kronenstadt Ski Club is unique in offering social
skiing opportunities in a distinctly noncompetitive
atmosphere (although we do have a few members that
wander off to the race course).  This year we have
scheduled seven drive up trips to Mammoth Mountain.   At
Mammoth Mountain, we enjoy comfortable four bedroom
condo accommodations and the ever popular 'how few
people can we fit into a hot tub' for pre-dinner relaxation.  
We also keep up a tradition of variety in our non-skiing
social functions.  Click the Social Events Tab.

If you are looking for a small ski club that is strong on
camaraderie and friendship,
Kronenstadt will meet your
needs.  Non-members are welcome on all trips and events.
Where did they get
that funny name?

Kronenstadt Ski
first came into
existence in 1961,
and officially
adopted the name
(Crown City) in
1963.  We are one
of the longest
established ski
clubs in Southern
California. As a web
search name we are
We are based in Pasadena, but no longer have meetings.

All membership info should go to our Membership Chairman.

All trip info should go to our Trip Vice President.

Ski Trips for addresses.
NO SNOW.  Why we stopped
going to Mammoth on
Thanksgiving Weekend  trips.  
Stump Alley Express, 2007.
Climate change hard at work!
GREAT SNOW. Why we love to
go to Mammoth. 14 feet of the
good stuff.  25' in 2011. Ten feet
above this sign post.
Climate change hard at work!
Never too early or
too late to get in
shape for skiing.
But when to find
the time?  The
key is
Stand on one leg
while brushing
your teeth.  A little
more work - bend
your knee
slightly.  In no
time both your
teeth and your
legs will look and
feel great.
Our website location:
Breakthroughs in shipping and transportation efficiency:
Don't be unsafe like the people above, always wear your helmet!!!
"Snowjob"   This is not about shoveling snow, but it is the name of the Kronenstadt
Ski Club Newsletter.  Although the club was established in 1963, I do not know who
came up with this name or when. (Does anyone know?)  The Snowjob was originally  
published monthly by a team of graphic designers and editorial and publishing
specialists.  In the early days that meant typing, xerox, cut & paste, copy, fold, address,
stamp and mail. With the advent of the internet, the Snowjob has gone the way of many
great newspapers around the country.  Which is to say it has not been published and
>mailed in some time.  All information about the club, our trips and activities are now
only found on line in this website. The good news is that all the pictures are in color and
the information is more up to date. Click on the link below to view an edited addition of
an old Snowjob.  If you still have an old copy, send me a pdf version of a classic
Snowjob and I'll add it to the list.

January, 2002 Snowjob.   
May, 2004 Snowjob     Nice article by past President Dick Patton on Club history.
July, 2004 Snowjob      First Snowjob when Bruce Bailey became President
Elections of Club Officers -   Club officers are elected yearly at our June
Meeting and Banquet from nominations made to the elections committee. The Club has
the following officers: President, VP Trips, VP Social, Treasurer, Secretary,
Membership, Programs and Past President. If you are a Member in good standing and
would like to increase your level of support and participation in the club let me know and
we can discuss how you can help.
Trip Leaders -   KSC is a club run by volunteers, and one of these are the Trip
Leaders.  A Trip Leader  takes over responsibility for the trip from our VP of Trips about
two weeks before the trip. The Trip Leader's responsibilities include notifying all trip
participants of their room and duty assignments. Taking the 'blue boxes' and the
breakfast groceries to the condo. Organizing the dinner either by caterer or by preparing
the meal yourself (everyone prefers this method).  And basically making sure everything
runs smoothly.  For taking on this responsibility you get to go on the trip for a reduced
cost and get the Master Bedroom.   In September, call the VP of Trips to sign up to be a
Trip Leader.
Next Seasons Trips -   In August the VP of Trips establishes the dates for the
next season's trips.  These dates will be very close to those from this year. The official
Trip Application Form is available September 10th and at that time it is first come-first
served to sign up for the season.  For 2018 there will be three mid-week trips to
Mammoth.  Please contact the VP of Trips if you have any questions about next
seasons trips.
KSC Tri Fold- This handy piece of paper is used to tell newcomers about the
activities of the Club.  You can print it out on both sides of 8 1/2" x 11" paper, fold it into
three sections, hence the name, and pass it out to prospective members.  Click the link
to download your own copy.   2019 season Trip application to be posted on 18-10-8.
History of the Club - Click on this link to see some historical comments from
former Presidents and a list of those that helped make Kronenstadt Ski Club one of the
friendliest and longest running ski clubs in Southern California.